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SecuRemit is a comprehensive and advanced system for online money transfer. It can be used by start-up businesses and well-established companies. SecuRemit helps you keep track of all your online and offline transactions with extensive reports that cover different aspects of your business. It is a fully automated system that is easy to use and administer. SecuRemit supports multiple countries and currencies, agents, flat fee or exchange rate margins or a combination of both and manual or automatic exchange rates. It is affordable and flexible software for any size of company.

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Complete solution for money tranfer business

Designed as the ultimate system for a money transfer business, SecuRemit keeps track of all your online and offline transactions, senders and beneficiaries. We understand that every company is unique and so we can tailor SecuRemit to your specific needs.

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Secured and Robust System

We host your system on our secure server so you have no worries about security issues. We monitor the system 24 hours a day and provide full compliance support.

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Affordable and easy to setup

There are no large set up fees. Instead, you pay a reasonable fixed monthly amount that depends on your volume of transactions. We can import your past transactions and client data to SecuRemit.

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Contact us today and have your system up and running within one week. Feel free to drop us a line. We will be happy to assist with any enquiries.

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In modern society operations with electronic money are performed every day and lots of people help and assist this domain to grow rapidly and sharply increase the rates. Online remittance of money is in one of the significant places midst other variety of payments online. Really attractive and nice feature of online money remittance is possibility to send costs to your friends, business partners or relatives quickly and safely. You can perform money transferring from any location (home, office, or just from anywhere via your phone). No less advantageous condition - the receiver will get money really in no time. Such features are really essential because very often people face the situation when access to offices for money transfer is restricted by adverse conditions such as distance, problems with transportation, etc. In comparison with other methods of electronic payment, money remittance system is much simpler. People who are not aware of system and modern technologies of online payment use it without any problems and difficulties. That’s the cause why people mostly prefer direct money remittance – they just do not want to work with exchanges, registration, logins and are components of online systems for money payment.

Described advantages for users - senders and receivers, are not all pluses of using the system. In case if you have some sort of service in financial area, you can complement your service by adding mobile money transferring service to your list of possibilities and services (for some concrete area or city). It can be some third-party soft for money transferring. Such addition can increase number of your clients as it allows providing money transferring from home or any location via mobile device. It useful in situations then visit to your office is difficult for client. So, in case of using your service, you’ll get money transferring service and just charge come commission on every transaction. You do not need create software platform, documentation, infrastructure or something else – you just need to use SecuRemit and get all want: foundation for new business or some more revenue for company.

SecuRemit is a powerful software service that offers:

  • Creating of account
  • Monthly payment (or single license fee for large companies)
  • Third-party agencies register
  • And as result: money transferring services charging desired for you commission

Hosted solutions are more preferable because it does not need installation, updating, security parches. It is useful and profitably. All modifications of code will evenly affect all system users because application resides on own server. SecuRemit is hosted solution: you will never need to install any software and maintain it; every action of operations is performed directly in your account on-line.

Notifications via SMS and e-mail play great role for service operators and users. This convenient feature presented in SecuRemit and is indispensable for money senders. Sender receives notification immediately after the recipient collects the money. Besides, SecuRemit offers mass mailing. It allows you to send messages with info (announcements, announcement, news) to all clients at once.

Another undoubted advantage is mobile aces support. It is important for many users and operators. Clients can access money transfer via phone anywhere and anytime. Such feature is really important, as it can increases usage of your system and respectively increases your sales and base of clients. The interface of mobile transfer of money system is nice-looking, useful, simple and comfortable. Service works on majority of mobile devices.

SecuRemit is an excellent illustration of money transfer service as it contains the best qualities for competitors and predecessors. For operators it gives flexible, necessary and powerful feature of reporting possibilities, feature of monitoring transactions (online and offline) in the system, it is easy in managing and covers every aspect of financial transferring agent due to rich set of functions. Also it gives opportunity to work with any quantity of agents you need. SecuRemit can be integrated into some software solutions used in banks for expanding their domain and increases possibility of access to system for users or van be used by individual agents. SecuRemit offers full control over accepting payment process from user and promtly wiring it to the recipient, it offers support of multiple currencies (and countries0, exchange of flat fee (or both) rate margins, automatic or manual rates of exchange, and possibility to set differ flat fees (or margins) for different amounts of transfer It will help to create desired own rules and policies of transfer money service. Also interface of accounting system can be customized to style of your system.

If you work with financial software, it must have powerful reporting capabilities. SecuRemit offers wide range of reports, such as number of users or transactions, best performing countries, total income and remittance totals by currency or country, and much more. It ensures you that system will provide overview of business over chosen period of time.

SecuRemit is reliable and trusted remittance system because it is compliant with laws and is really secure. The solution performs OFAC checks and sanctions of Anti Money Laundering UK. Also it supports customer verification.

SecuRemit is useful, powerful, modern and reliable system for money transfer. It can help you to begin money remittance business. Your clients will perform money transfers from any corner of the world! SecuRemit offers individual settings, full range of all needs for such systems services, unlimited quantity of account agents, simple interface and procedure of money transfer, mobile service solution. SecuRemit is equally nice for existing companies, small and large, and for startups. If you want good start or need to have third-party mobile transfer system, SecuRemit is exactly what you need. Our pricing policy will surprise you for its flexibility.